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Baba & Boogie's  Learning Center

Unlocking Curiosity

Baba & Boogie's Learning Center proudly adheres to the highest standards of education and care giving. Our dedicated staff is committed to providing a supportive environment where your child can thrive and have FUN. Keep reading to learn more.

Friendly Circle


How We Work

At Baba & Boogie's Learning Center, we are dedicated to creating a nurturing, stimulating and welcoming environment for all children. Our unique programs incorporate a variety of educational theories, while always keeping the child’s best interest in mind and allowing for hands-on, experiential learning. To find out more about us, keep reading or feel free to contact us.

Our Programs

Harnessing Creativity

Kids Drawing

Art Lessons

Early literacy learners

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Imaginative Play

       Early engineering

Mission Statement

Quality Child Care

From language and literacy development to social skills and creative expression, the children at Baba & Boogie's Learning Center are constantly being exposed to new activities and environments in which to thrive. We build on the strengths and interests of each child to help build a solid foundation where they can develop  new skills. Get in touch to learn more about us.

Babies in Playroom

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